#11 Arturs Fedins

Driver info

Name: Arturs Fedins
Age: 35
Hometown: Riga
Team name: No Name Drifters
Sponsors: FMIC.EU, Sonax, Eni Lubes, Blast, Vēsma3, Evans Coolant, BC Racing Finland, FAT Drift Performance
Best moment of your drifting career: First sideways at 1000nm drift car
History of your drifting career: 3 Years ago started drifting and in 3 years taking highest and highest level of drifting and car building. Start of m50 turbo, now its m62 twin turbo. 2JZ turbo will be 2023..

Car info

Car and model: BMW E92 MADTRACK
Engine: M62B44 Twin turbo
Hp/Nm: 750HP / 1000 NM
Tuned by: Kamuto production // VALDAS SUDOKAS
Transmission: BMW 5 Speed Diesel Gearbox
Differential: Winters Differencial
Chassis: FAT angle kit + BC Racing
Tire and size: Westlake Sport RS

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