#13 Edgars Krogeris

Driver info

Name: Edgars Krogeris
Age: 27
Hometown: Riga , Latvia
Team name: Viada Racing
Sponsors: Kebab Factory
Role model: Finish fans
Best moment of your drifting career: Driving in DMEC
History of your drifting career:

2019 - Latvian street champion
2021- Larvian Semi Pro champion
2021 - FIA IDC 17th
2022- DMEC 18th

Car info

Car and model: BMW F22
Engine: LS3
Hp/Nm: 500/500
ECU: Motec
Tuned by: MEK SPORTS
Transmission: Samsonas motorsport
Differential: HGK winters
Chassis: Feal & Wisefab
Tire and size: Westlake 265/35/18

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