#313 Eerik Verronen

Driver info

Name: Eerik Verronen
Age: 29
Hometown: Kokkola
Team name: Erkko racing
Sponsors: TBA
Role model: Chelsea Denofa
Best moment of your drifting career: I got to TOP32 in Venetsiadrifting 2021 with lousiest car
History of your drifting career: Driving just for fun few years, last year was my first competition

Car info

Car and model: Bmw e36
Engine: M50b25
Hp/Nm: 600/700
ECU: Maxxecu
Tuned by: Don't know yet, probably tunedbysamuli
Transmission: Gearmotive
Differential: Bmw m5 typ230
Chassis: Ta-technix
Tire and size: Rotation 245

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