#74 Herman Fleen

Driver info

Name: Herman Fleen
Age: 26
Hometown: Munsala
Team name: Smokeheart Drifting
Sponsors: LW Composites, Kleimola Musketeers, BBT Motorsport, Sundfors Special Parts, Arcticlean, 59NorthWheels, Dream Investments, NY Cars, Mark
Role model: Fredric Aasbo
Best moment of your drifting career: Always when car and the driver works
History of your drifting career: History is history, I'm looking in to the future

Car info

Car and model: Lexus IS200
Engine: 2JZ
Hp/Nm: No engine atm 😬
ECU: Maxx Ecu
Tuned by: Toni Ojatalo
Transmission: Gs6-53dz
Differential: Supra
Chassis: KW Competition
Tire and size: Westlake 265/35 r18

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