#696 Janne Leinonen

Driver info

Name: Janne Leinonen
Age: 45
Hometown: Toivala
Team name: Kalis drift team
Sponsors: Fin-Turbo, SK-tools,
Best moment of your drifting career: Drifting show run in Nascar race at Florida. Driving D1GP in USA.
History of your drifting career: Started driving 2005 and last race was in 2019.

Car info

Car and model: Nissan Silvia S15
Engine: 2JZ
Hp/Nm: +900hp / 950Nm
Tuned by: AMW dyno service
Transmission: G-forge
Differential: Nismo GT LSD 2-way
Chassis: HKS
Tire and size: Westlake 265/35-18"

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