#994 Joni-Kristeri Hellsten

Driver info

Name: Joni-Kristeri Hellsten
Age: 34
Hometown: Pori
Team name: Team Madness
Sponsors: Jonsuu Photography, Autohuolto Tapiainen, Porin Hitsauslaite, Ulvilan Lasikuitu, Madness Service, Porin Bitumikate, Maaritin Pesula, Custom Events, Koukkupaja, OilTrade, HellFix
Role model: Henri Haanpää
Best moment of your drifting career: Winning a race in Pro series and leading place in Sladimasters series.
History of your drifting career: Driving for 10 years more and less.

Car info

Car and model: Toyota Mark 2 JZX81
Engine: 1.5UZ
Hp/Nm: 655 / 888
Tuned by: ProDyno
Transmission: Gearmotive
Differential: A01A
Chassis: BC Racing
Tire and size: Extreme 245/40R17

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