#59 Juho Piri

Driver info

Name: Juho Piri
Age: 29
Hometown: Kauhava
Team name: Pirtec Drifting Team
Sponsors: Kattofix.fi, Kuljetuspalvelu j&j saari oy, aj tech, kotisivukulma, hwa-pipe oy, pirtec ky
History of your drifting career: I started drifting in 2017 and drove seriously for a few years. Last few years I have been driving as a hobby and making car more competitive for futer.

Car info

Car and model: Mercedes-benz c53
Engine: Lm7
Hp/Nm: 560/930
ECU: Gm orginal
Tuned by: Pekka Pollari
Transmission: Gs6-37dz
Differential: Bmw 740i
Chassis: Maxspeeding
Tire and size: Vitour

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