#69 Kalle Rovanperä

Driver info

Name: Kalle Rovanperä
Age: 21
Hometown: Monaco
Team name: KR69DriftTeam
Sponsors: Ikh, ounevagroup, silvasti, redbull, wisefab, TTspeed, rengasnuora, palokan grilli, apex invest, liupakka graphics, boostmark, botnia trailer, toyota gazoo racing.
Best moment of your drifting career: Yet to come, I hope
History of your drifting career: Just for fun now and then

Car info

Car and model: Toyota Supra A90
Engine: 3.4l 2jz
Hp/Nm: 900/900
ECU: Maxxecu
Tuned by: Tunedbysamuli
Transmission: Samsonas
Differential: Winters
Chassis: Feal suspension
Tire and size: Valino 285

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