#22 Niklas Jokinen

Driver info

Name: Niklas jokinen
Age: 30
Hometown: Pietarsaari
Team name: Jn drifteam
Sponsors: Tuned by samuli. Badassparts. Wikro tools. Hartman. Auto-center. T.a motorsport. Huhtala automaalaamo. Oinasneva design. Gen3 performance. Geokaivot
Best moment of your drifting career: 2nd place in 2021 radalle.com pro series. 6th place in Venetsia Drifting 2021.
History of your drifting career: I started drifting in 2017-2018. This year I had a break from driving. I have founded a company and I have 1 year old son. 20.8 we drove in epua drift and the engine lost oil pressure. Now we have quickly assembled spare engine.

Car info

Car and model: Bmw e46 coupe
Engine: Ls turbo
Hp/Nm: 600/800
ECU: Maxxecu
Tuned by: Tunedby samuli
Transmission: Samsonas seq
Differential: Typ210
Chassis: Feal
Tire and size: Zeknova 265/35/18

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