#23 Oscar Haveri

Driver info

Name: Oscar Haveri
Age: 22
Hometown: Parkano
Team name: Notime motorsport
Sponsors: Rengasparooni oy, mainosparatiisi/teippikauppa, metajet, Veljekset Mäkiviinikka Oy
History of your drifting career: This is the first season Iäm driving. I bought the car in 2019 and we have been building it for two and a half years.

Car info

Car and model: Nissan skyline
Engine: 1uz
Hp/Nm: 700/1000
ECU: Motec
Tuned by: Ritola
Transmission: Tex racing sr1
Differential: Skylinen original
Chassis: Tein
Tire and size: Sunfull 265/35/18

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