#11 Pekka Lehtimäki

Driver info

Name: Pekka Lehtimäki
Age: 35
Hometown: Liminka
Team name: Leafhill Drift Team
Sponsors: Tuning Center Oulu, Finjector, Alakaari Oy, Kokkolan Varaosavälitys Oy, Autohuolto Henytek Oy, Autohuolto Norjamäki, Custom Parts, Raitin Navetta, Lakeuden Sammutinpalvelu Oy, Limingan Automaalaamo Oy, Rengasportti, specialhuolto.fi, Moottorikoneistus Mika Palojärvi, Mother in law ❤️
Role model: Mikko viitala
Best moment of your drifting career: Venetsia Drifting 2018 I lost to Henri Haanpää in TOP32, Ahvenisto 2022 Pro2 1st place.
History of your drifting career: I started practicing in 2014 at Lapua with practically stock engine, only turbo added. Dyno results was then 258hp and 327nm. Since then we have improved car and driving skills.

Car info

Car and model: Volvo 242
Engine: B230
Hp/Nm: 450/610
ECU: Maxxecu
Tuned by: Tuning center oulu, Henri Tiikkaja
Transmission: Zf s5d (e34/36/39 bmw)
Differential: Volvo 1031
Chassis: Front bc, rear gaz
Tire and size: random street tyres

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