#27 Timo Tolppanen

Driver info

Name: Timo Tolppanen
Age: 38
Team name: Tomahawk motorsport
Sponsors: Protoparts, matuvo oy, savon asbesti, smokehous.fi, 013 graphics, gearmotive, neulamäen autohuolto, sk tools, pemiko oy, kuopion ykköstilit, fredse, kukkokievari
Role model: Chelsea Denofa
History of your drifting career: Participating in the sports since 2005, as a driver since 2013.

Car info

Car and model: Bmw m3 e46
Engine: 5.3 twin turbo
Hp/Nm: 750hp/920nm
ECU: Ms3 pro
Tuned by: Henrik Kauhanen
Transmission: Gearmotive
Differential: Bmw m3 typ215
Chassis: Bc racing
Tire and size: Zeknova 265/35-18

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