#93 Tino Lehto

Driver info

Name: Tino Lehto
Age: 29
Hometown: Kauhajoki
Team name: Don't have
Sponsors: Kuljetus Mäkitalo Ay, Hannulan hitsaupalvelu oy, vannekorjaus temipro, TSL group, The Dynolab
Role model: Absolutely Juha Koskiniemi
Best moment of your drifting career: To get to drive
History of your drifting career:

-19 started driving and drove few races in pro2 series
-20 moved to radalle.com pro series. 3rd place in series.
-21 Few races in Finnish Champion series and radalle.com pro 1st place.

Car info

Car and model: Bmw 316 e30
Engine: S38b35
Hp/Nm: 804/940
ECU: Maxxecu race
Tuned by: Tobias Holmkvist / The Dynolab
Transmission: Tex racing
Differential: Bmw 210
Chassis: Bc racing
Tire and size: Westlake 265/35r18

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